Is Miami Children’s Museum a great place to visit with kids?

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One of the best kid-friendly places to go if you are travelling to Miami with kids in South Florida is the Miami Children’s Museum. Whether you’re tired of the beach, it’s raining, or the heat has fried your sandals (and brain), the Miami Children’s Museum will keep your kids entertained for the whole day!
Here are our top 5 reasons for visiting the Miami Children’s Museum the next time you are travelling with kids to South Florida:

1. When it rains in Miami, it pours!

So you arrive to South Florida with your sunscreen, a pool float and beach chairs, when all of a sudden a dark cloud appears out of nowhere. Don’t despair thinking that you’re going to have to stay and entertain your kids inside all day! The Miami Children’s Museum has got you covered.
Perfect for a rainy day, kids can play and interact in the many exhibits, create custom art pieces, and even climb Mt. MiChiMu, a rock climbing wall featured beside the 900 gallon fish tank in the Ocean Odyssey exhibit. Seriously, there is something for everyone and your kids will love it!
Carry on with kids at Miami Children's Museum


Your face when you realize you’re going to have fun all day!

2. It’s a museum… for kids!

How many of you tell your kids you’re going to the museum and you hear groaning and complaining before you even enter the building? Not so with the Miami Children’s Museum. This place has got it all! It has many Miami kids activities.
From the Music Makers Studio, where kids can play on the Big Piano, to the kids size Super Market where they can pretend they’re shopping for groceries, the exhibits will have them playing for hours. Like, lots and lots of hours. The firetruck? Our son played there so long we had to hose him out of the exhibit (see what I did there?).


Miami Children's Museum


Miami Children’s Museum is fire!

3. They have a travelling exhibit

Speaking of exhibits, they have one area of the museum that has an exhibit that changes at various times of the year. At one time your kids could be running through the Pride Land in the Lion Guard Exhibit or watching pirates battle it out to see who is going to be captain of Pirate’s Island.
If you visit Miami often, like we do, than this feature will definitely be a selling point. While the regular exhibits are always fun, kids look forward to interacting with the new exhibit and it’s features.
Carry on with kids at Miami Children's Museum

4. It’s not only for little kids

If you have older children, you’ll be pleased to know that there are additional activities for them to participate in if playing in the Safety Zone just isn’t their thing. For your artistic child, the All About Art exhibit is dedicated to the six elements of art and kids can participate in creating hands-on projects.
When we visited, there was a sand-blasting workshop where kids could make their own frosted souvenir (for an additional fee of $8 to $10), but being that our son is under 3, we decided that making a souvenir out of the craft supplies that were in the main area was good enough. The Miami Children’s Museum has variouse family things to do.
Carry on with kids at Miami Children's Museum

5. Lots of special events

The Miami Children’s Museum does a wonderful job at being inclusive of the different cultures, celebrations and needs of children. Celebrations for Dia de los Muertos, Hanukkah and Christmas are just a few of the ways that the museum shows their inclusivity.


In addition, if you have a child with any sensory processing disorder or developmental delay, Sensory Saturdays are perfect for them to enjoy the museum. The lights and sounds are dimmed and activities are geared towards sensory play and there are community support specialists, like occupational therapist and speech pathologists onsite.
Carry on with kids at Miami Children's Museum

Additional Considerations

Some additional points to think about:


  • Admission is $20/person for kids over 1; $15 if you’re a Florida resident. If you’re looking to save money and don’t mind a bigger crowd, the third Friday of every month from 4 to 8 PM, the museum offers free admission and parking.
  • Parking is $1/hour which is a great price considering parking prices in Miami
  • There is only one restaurant in the museum (Subway) and we were told that you couldn’t bring in any outside food (we did bring snacks and no one said anything). There are tables outside where we did see kids eating their packed lunch.
  • We didn’t see a nursing room on the upper floor, so make sure to bring your nursing cover if you use one.

Final Thoughts

Looking for family activities in Miami? Overall, we think the Miami Children’s Museum is one of the best places to take your kid if you are visiting Miami. Our son talks about it all the time and he was totally engaged from the time we got there to the time we left. The price was a bit high, but well worth it considering how happy our son was. Check out our video for highlights and review.
A visit is well worth it!



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