How to use AirBnB Map View.

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Are you looking for travel accommodations to fit your family’s needs? Do you have specific criteria when booking a place to stay? AirBnB is a great place to start your search. The AirBnB online platform has plenty of features to help travelers find accommodations. One of the most useful of the bunch is Map View.

What is AirBnB Map view?

Looking for accommodations search results can be overwhelming. Thousands of results with many details to review. However, what if location is your primary criterion and  is the most important detail of your trip planning. Is it close to the main attractions? Does it have access to public transportation? Does it have a view? 

AirBnB has a great feature that allows search results to be displayed on a map. This gives you a geographical perspective on the AirBnb’s location relative to other points of interest. The map also displays other popular points of interest that tourists may want to explore. This is helpful when planning day trips, excursions, and transportation.

tMHow to use AirBnB Map view to get the best location.

This is how to get the best location when booking your accommodation on your next family vacation. One limitation of the AirBnB booking system is that the exact address of the accommodation is not provided. This makes planning difficult and for those of us that put location at a high priority knowing the address of the accommodation is key. Using Google maps along with AirBnB’s map view allows you to get a good idea of the location of the accommodation. Are you looking to use the AirBnB map to get an idea of the accommodation’s exact location? This is how you do it.


  1. Analyze pictures provided by AirBnb. Look for key characteristics that could hint at its location. For example, look for pictures of the outside of the property and try to identify key characteristics such as building and other landmarks.
  2. Open Google Maps and search the general area of the AirBnB location.
  3. Use the provided AirBnB map to compare it with the Google Maps and try to spot key the key landmarks gathered from the AirBnB photos.

Using AirBnB Map view and these three steps you can get a general idea of the accommodations location. By doing this research you can choose the AirBnB that suits your travel priorities. Planning based on location gives travelers the opportunity to plan day trips in greater detail. Families that travel with kids and planning based on location makes the difference.

Tips on how to efficiently use AirBnB to get the best results.


Here are some tips on how to improve your AirBnB results using the map view.

  • The – Search as I move the map – feature is useful and make sure you have it selected to activate it. As you move the map around the properties in your search results will be updated to reflects the location on the map. If your travel priorities are location this is a powerful tool.
  • Make sure to zoom in and out –  Zooming into the desired location will show other search results that you may not be offered otherwise. 
  • Use a computer for the best viewing experience – Map details are small, us a computer monitor will help your navigation of the map. 
  • Use Google Map street view to get even more detail.
  • For more tips on how to get use AirBnB to get a good deal visit check out our best practices guide.
AirBnB Map View



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