THE Family of 4

Looking to explore the world?

Well, so are we. We want to travel the globe with our kids and show them that the differences between us, actually  brings us closer together. 


A letter from Us

Welcome, traveling aficionados, families and friends! 

Hi Peeps! 

We’re just an ordinary family of four,  looking to explore! From sunsets in Miami, to gelato in Florence, come along with us as we carry on a life of travel with our kids.

Our family philosophy is (and will always be) that the best way to educate your children on diversity, acceptance, and the beauty of others is to expose them to different cultures and experiences.

In doing so, kids begin to realize that while customs and mannerisms may be diverse, all people are loving and willing to show you that their way of life may not be so different from yours.

Kids remind you of the meaning of wonder, perseverance, and acceptance when you start to look at the world through their eyes.

Our desire is to give our children a life where they can explore and become immersed in new cultures and experiences. We want them to be adventurous, brave and to create memories that will last them a lifetime. 

We welcome you to carry-on with us as we go on this journey with our family!


The Carry-on with Kids Family,


No Distance is too Far

Traveling the world, one city at a time

No matter how difficult the challenge, we encourage resilience, dedication and perseverance to become inclusive global citizens. 







About the Parents

Before we had kids – or as what we like to call the being-able-to-sleep-in era – Mom and Dad traveled the world! We lived in Australia for a year, traveled to Colombia and Hawaii, and loads of places in between! After baby boy was born, everyone told us that it was impossible to travel with kids. We almost believed them too. With strollers, car seats, and diapers… So. Many. Diapers… it almost seemed like an impossible task. 

Fast forward 3 years (and another baby) later, and we are carrying on our life of travel with our kids in tow. Kids don’t tie you down, as some say, but rather they open your eyes to a whole new world of adventure.

The stars


Favorite Food:  Pasta

First Word:  Papa

Favorite Song:  Baby Shark

Pet Peeves:  Sand in my toes

When I grow up: I’m going to be a singer

Best Friend: My big brother



Favorite Food:  Chicken and Rice

First Word:  Mama

Favorite Song:  Wonderful life

Pet Peeves:  People that don’t share

When I grow up: I’m going to be a Paleontologist

Best Friend: My little sister




world schooling




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