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See the world through a kid’s eyes. It will give you a unique PERSPECTIVE.  

About Us

Traveling is such a rewarding experience. The sights, the sounds, the food, and most definitely the people. As a young family, we believe that traveling with our kids is a long-lasting, life-changing gift.

As our children grow, we realize that the world has so much to offer. While others may say “no way!” we say, carry-on with your kids and see the world through their eyes.

Join us on our adventure as we share our experiences and travel journey.

Our adventures

From Waikiki to Rome, and everywhere in between, check out our city-hopping adventures!

Thinking of traveling with your kids and want to find some kid-friendly locations? Not sure what to do with your kids once you get there? Check out our adventures as we hop from city to city – kids in tow!

With kid-focused travel reviews, you can find all the information you need to make your holiday a fun-filled experience, for you and your kids. 

Where to stay? What to eat? Where to go? So many questions, and yet kids have so little patience to let you figure it out. We can help you there. Check out our family-friendly travel advice and make your next vacation one to remember.   



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Getting ready for an adventure? Traveling is fun, exciting and full of challenges. Make sure you have some useful gadgets packed. Your family will thank you later. 

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Need some travel advice? We love sharing our experiences.

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